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The Visions I received of a Storm Coming to the U.S.

By Carl Partin

This is November 29 2009.
About a week ago, I began to have visions of a storm at a distance. The storm was like no other I have ever seen, like a hurricane on land. It stretched from the ground to heights I like nothing I have ever seen, 40 to 50 thousand feet in the air. I saw the Lord in the center of the storm, and lightning was blasting out of it. It came from the east coast and moved west across the nation, I watched it pass over cities and asked the Lord, “what about the people? but He did not answer me at this time.
Each time I began to worship, this vision of a storm began to overlay everything I was seeing. It appeared to be centered on the plains. The northern edge had a very slight angle and appeared to extend all the way in Canada. The southern edge angled back very sharply, and seemed to miss the southern most portions of the south. As I watched, it swept over city after city, each time I asked, “Lord what about the people? He did not answer me yet.
The vision began to become more detailed. I was sitting in my room when I began to see the storm again, so I sat down on my bed, shut my eyes, and began to pray in tongues softly. I saw the storm very vividly, the storm was wedge shaped with a flat front. As I watched, I saw a swirl of darkness at the center of the front of the storm. I began to zoom in, and was awestruck and almost overwhelmed by what I saw next. There was an angel, as tall as the storm standing there. He was dressed in armor, as for battle, and his face was fierce his wings were black... I said “Lord what is this, what does this mean? I zoomed in closer, the storm was coming from the angel, emanating from his entire body, as I watched, he turned his head to the left and spoke, I could not hear what he spoke, but suddenly I saw hundreds of smaller angels pouring out of the leading edge of the storm, they all had black wings.
I was very troubled, and said once again, “Lord what about the people? Suddenly, I was standing in the leading edge of the storm. The entire leading edge was a line of horsemen, just one rank, riding powerful massive horses, as I watched the storm passed over people. The people turned grey, withered slightly, and fell. I watched extremely troubled, and began to cry to the Lord.
Suddenly, I saw a man in armor, dressed in white and glowing, step out and approach the storm. He swung his sword, and the storm split, bottom to top. I flowed around him and closed behind him. There was an area lit around him shaped like a boat that glowed white all the way to heaven. The storm continued to flow around him, a terrible darkness, but he was not touched, I was beginning to think that the storm would never end, when suddenly it was passed. I smelled freshness after a rain, and it was a new day dawning clean and crisp, everything was cleansed.
I asked the Lord “who was that man? I suddenly knew that it was an intercessor. His prayers had saved him and those close to him. I knew that there was no stopping this storm, because the Lord was in the center of the storm, it was by His hand for the sins of our land. He had sent his prophets, and given many warnings to repent and turn to Him.
This storm is His judgment against the wickedness of our people. It is to cleanse the land of sin and idols. I saw the lightening striking what I knew to be strongholds of idolatry. That evening I began to pray in tongues about the storm. Suddenly, I saw the man in white ride into the leading edge of the storm and come out with someone across his saddle. I knew that it was the Lord showing me that prayer could rescue individuals. As I continued to pray, I saw the man in white set the person down in a place of safety, ride back into the leading edge of the storm, and rescued someone else.



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